The Sleep Retreat Treat Box

Experience an indulgent sensory sleep experience with this collection of soothing wellbeing treasures. Fragranced with lavender, jasmine and essential oils, these slumber heroes help promote a restful night’s sleep, calming body and mind.


Luna Sleep Wellbeing Oil 30ml
Luna Sleep Pillow Spray 30ml
Luna Sleep Rollerball 10ml
Luna Twinkle Light Scented Candle 25g
Luna Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks x2
Dreamy Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks x5
Rose Quartz Crystal
Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download
Dreamy Guided Visualisation
Luna Guided Meditation Track
Camellia’s House Sleep Well Tea Pouches x2
Wellbeing cards

Sensory Retreats “Sleep Retreat” Treat Box