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(Updated 14/04/2021)

lava shell

back, neck & shoulder






Acupressure massage incorporating thai pressure points using steamed coconut poultices with deep tissue movements and an infusion of coconut, lemongrass and ginger oil

Poultices can be taken home and used in an aromatherapy steam shower, or cut open and it's contents used in an aromatherapy bath infusion


ThermaBliss Sensory Experience

The ultimate experience for each sense! 
Clients sink into the bed with their chosen aromatherapy self-heating eye mask, as hot lava shells work into tense and tight tissues in the back, neck & shoulders. Tibetan Sound bowl music is tuned to nature's optimal frequency for healing and balances the aura during the treatment. 

Clients are offered a herbal tea blend to continue the sensory experience at home. 


Hot Stone

back, neck & shoulder massage


deep tissue / regular

back, neck & shoulder massage



Back, neck & shoulder massage

(5 massages in 1, including deep tissue, hot stones, swedish and mechanical massage techniques)

de-stress massage

(light-medium pressured massage with warm aromatherapy oil)


Gel Manicure / Gel Toes
Up to 14 days chip & smudge-free, high-shine polish.
Includes Filing, cuticle work, polish and hand cream



All treatments are subject to completion of a Covid-19 Consultation Form. 
This form will be e-mailed to all clients, 48 hours prior treatment time. It is compulsory that this form is completed and "SAVED", at least 12 hours prior to appointment time. Without completion of this form, treatment will be cancelled and deposit lost. 

Clients will be asked on this form to consent to NHS Track & Trace procedures.

We kindly ask that any clients who experience symptoms of, or have been in contact (household, bubble or general contact with) anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, cancel your appointment immediately. 
Cancelling due to Covid-19 symptoms/contact is the only instance in which we will waive our deposit policy. 

Symptoms of Covid-19 include:
- Change or loss of smell and/or taste
- A new and continuous cough
- A fever

-Shortness of breath


COVID 19 FORM: Please have COVID19 Consultation Form completed prior to arrival

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Please arrive freshly showered, in order to ensure the skin is fresh and clean, free from any bodily fluids (sweat/sebum)

FACE COVERING: Please bring a face covering at this will be required for all treatments
(please inform us prior to your arrival if you are medically exempt, to avoid confusion/embarrassment)

TIMEKEEPING: Please arrive on time for your appointment: If you are running late, please let us know. Should you arrive early, HSE regulations kindly ask you wait in your car or outside the salon until your treatment time


GREETING: I will greet you at the door at your treatment time. Your temperature will be checked at the door, and you will be asked to sanitise your hands.

HAND WASHING: You will be asked to wash, then sanitise your hands before treatment


BELONGINGS: I have provided a plastic box on the chair for all belongings. Please place all belongings in this box and ensure no personal items or clothing touch the fabric chair

PLEASE BRING WITH YOU: Your payment method (Contactless preferred), a large towel or blanket (we have switched to thin disposable gauze sheets, in line with regulations), and a bottle of water (we are unable to provide water)

Please get in touch prior to your arrival, should you experience any issues with the Covid 19 form, if you have mobility issues, sight impairment or hearing impairment, or if you have any questions regarding our policies and would like to check over anything or have some reassurance



PPE: ALL salon staff will be dressed in PPE. Your therapist will be dressed in full uniform, a face covering, visor, disposable apron,
and gloves(for certain treatments) All disposable PPE is changed between each client, and visor disinfected. 


BED SHEETS: In line with risk assessments, we no longer keep or use laundry at Serenity Bay. Bed sheets for the treatment bed are now disposable gauze sheets. Sheets are disposed of after each client, with the bed (& face hole) sanitised in surgical spirit and fresh sheets added after each client.

RISK ASSESSMENT: The salon as a whole, and myself individually have conducted extensive risk assessments prior to re-opening. I have carried out a thorough risk assessment and 6x Salon Health & Safety Checklists, in order to ensure no stone has been left unturned prior to re-opening.

SANITISATION & STERILISTION: All work surfaces, door handles, product bottles, oil bowls, light switches, taps, trolleys, hot cabbie, cupboard doors, nail files, nail lamp and the box for personal belongings, are sanitised in Surgical Spirit after each client. 
All metal objects are soaked in Barbicide solution.
A "hot cabbie" is used for all massage treatments and facials: The hot cabbie warms massage oil, but also contains a UV light which sterilises massage bowls, products, and disposable facial sponges prior to use.
Therapists hands are washed and sanitised before and after each client using 70% alcohol gel.
All clients are asked to wash thier hands and sanitise with alcohol gel prior to treatment.
I use a "sani log" which logs every step of sanitisation & sterilisation before each client and at the end of the day. This log ensures no steps are missed, and is clearly displayed for clients to reference. 

TOUCH POINTS: I have invested in touchless, motion-sensor soap dispenser, sanitiser dispenser and bin for the treatment room.
Door handles are sprayed in surgical spirit after each use.
Taps are sprayed in surgical spirit after each use.

I have invested in a smart speaker for music, to ensure there is no need for me to touch my mobile phone to play music
(please note, the smart speaker will have the microphone muted AT ALL TIMES, to ensure client confidentiality)

As the treatment room is located in the basement and therefore does not feature windows, the following measures have been implemented, in line with HSE requirements: 
The vent has been cleaned of dust, disinfected in surgical spirit, and left open
An oscillating fan will circulate air around the room during treatment
(again, please bare this in mind and bring a blanket to your treatment for your comfort!)
The doors to the spa area will be left open at all times
The treatment room door will be left open during cleaning (between treatments) for 30 mins to ensure the circulation of air

DISABILITIES: If any client has a disability or impairment which may inhibit your experience, please get in touch beforehand in order to allow us to explore alternative measures for you, to make your visit as seamless and relaxed as possible. The treatment area is located downstairs - clients with mobility issues or sight impairment are kindly asked to inform me ASAP, as we may be able to accommodate you via the back entrance. 
Clients dependant on lip reading are asked to inform me also at your earliest convenience. I have invested in a separate lip-reading-friendly face covering, and with a heads-up, I can have this on for your arrival.


PLEASE get in touch and I'll be happy to answer any questions. You are paying money to come to this happy place to relax. 
The aim is to allow you to close off from this current climate and zone out - I have put as much research, money, and as many measures in place as I possibly can, to ensure your visit is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. 

I have 15 years experience in this industry - some of this time was spent at sea in some of the cleanest spa's in the world. Everything I learned at sea, plus much more learned via research, has been implemented into my practise in the treatment room. 
I follow strict governement and regulating body guidelines and regulations, and my insurance and qualifications are up to date. 
You will be lying on a sanitised bed, with sterile products, fresh and disposable sheets, having a treatment by a therapist in full PPE in a well ventilated room. 
IF there is any thing else at all I can explain, please get in touch.