Hot Lava Shell massage

The latest "most wanted" massage treatment is making waves within the professional beauty industry


Drift away at Serenity Bay!


Hot Lava shell massage

Hot lava shell massage is a unique alternative to a hot stone massage.

creating waves within the professional beauty industry, hot lava shell massage provides an infusion of manual massage, warm and harmonising kokolokahi hawaiian oil, and gentle heat from tiger clam shells.

the tiger clam shells provide the perfect massage experience as they are the first self-heating massage tool. this means that the shells can produce their own heat, sustainable for up to 1hr without breaking contact to swap to other shells.

kokolokahi oils

kokolokahi oils further promote the unique benefits of this beautiful treatment. 
Each hot lava shell massage is tailored to the client, using a chosen blend of this luxurious hawaiian beach oil.

Each client will choose their oil from the following:

- Harmony

- Serenity 

- clarity


- strength

- vitality

our kokolokahi oils are a tropical blend of coconut, argan and shea oils, with natural essential oils, offering the perfect retreat for mind, body and soul.

100% natural and vegan friendly.


warming back, neck & shoulder



Half body pamper package 
(Including facial, scalp & foot massage)


Full Body pamper package

(including full body massage, hot lava shell warming back, neck & shoulder massage, scalp & foot massage and facial)